Our Belief

Our Mission Statement
Bridle Trail Baptist Church exists to minister to the next generation, (Cantonese, English, Mandarin) within the Greater Toronto Area, through:

  1. Vibrant Worship-to inspire a closer walk with God.
  2. Warm Fellowship-to strengthen small group caring and sharing.
  3. Spiritual Nurturing-to equip saints for deeper commitment and service.
  4. Life Testimony-to practice the Great Commission and God’s love.

To bring people wholly to full maturity in Jesus Christ.


Statements of Basic Beliefs
Extracted from Section two of Bridle Trail Baptist Church constitution (accepted in membership meeting on Aug 10, 1997)

  1. The basic beliefs of this body are as follows: We believe that the whole Bible is the inspired Word of God, infallible and inerrant, the guideline for our faith and living.
  2. We believe that there is but one God who exists eternally in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, all three having the same nature, attributes and perfection.
  3. We believe that our Savior Jesus Christ, in His incarnation, United to His divine nature a true human nature, and so continues to be both God and man, in two distinct natures, but one person, forever.
  4. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. Being a mediator between God and man, He died on the cross as an atonement for sin and rose again bodily on the third day for our justification. He ascended to the Father’s right hand. He shall come again to judge both the alive and the dead. We believe in the resurrection of the unrighteous unto eternal punishment and the resurrection of the righteous unto eternal glory in the new heaven and the new earth.
  5. We believe that the Holy Spirit, our comforter, leads us to the realization of sin, the enlightenment of our heart, to understand the truth and to lead the believers to sanctification.
  6. We believe that since the Fall of our ancestor, every human has a sinful nature, rebels against God, tends to destruction, cannot be saved by one’s own effort., however God still grants him the freedom of choice in faith.
  7. We believe that man is saved by the grace of God alone, and justified through faith in the Savior. We believe that man will have eternal salvation once he is saved.