Bridle Trail Baptist Church e-Offering Process


  1. We are accepting offering to General Fund (general, flower, thanksgiving) only. We will announce how to offer to other funds later
  2. All offerings transferred to BTBC will be deposited to the church’s account instantly. If you make a mistake, please contact the office

Step 1: Register to participate in this program. Click here to complete the registration form:

  1. Enter the email address associated with the Interac e-Transfer account
  2. Enter the donor’s first name and last name
  3. Select if you have a BTBC offering number, click NEXT
    • If you have a BTBC offering number
      • Enter the offering number
      • Enter the name registered with this offering number
      • Click SUBMIT
    • If you do not have a BTBC offering number
      • Enter full name you want to appear on the tax receipt
      • Enter your phone number
      • Enter your house number and street name
      • Enter the city
      • Enter the Province
      • Enter the Country
      • Enter the Postal Code
      • Click SUMBIT
  1. You will receive a confirmation from GOOGLE FORM to the email that you provide. If you do not get a confirmation, you may have entered an incorrect email. Please re-submit.

Step 2: Wait for the church to send you a confirmation of registration. It may take a few days for the office to verify the information. Check your spam folder for the church email DONATE@BTBC.ORG

Step 3: Register BTBC as the recipient (This is a general guideline. Please consult your bank for your process)

  1. Sign onto your bank account
  2. Set up BTBC as a new contact, the email to receive offering is DONATE@BTBC.ORG
  3. Suggest to use BTBC General Fund as the identifier (name)
  4. You are ready to give online