Overview of Donation of Marketable Securities to BTBC via CBOQ


The Canadian government provides additional tax incentives for individuals donating marketable securities (e.g. stocks of public companies, mutual funds, bonds) to registered charities. In general, a donor who donates such marketable securities directly from his or her non-registered accounts will not pay tax on capital gains associated with disposing such assets. BTBC is affiliated with CBOQ. The following documents provide information and guidelines you need to follow in order to minimize delay and to ensure BTBC will receive your donation from CBOQ:

  1. Case for donation of marketable securities to BTBC via CBOQ
    Securities Donation web version
  2. Step-by-step guide to make donation of marketable securities to BTBC via CBOQ
    Step by step guide to make donation of marketable securities
  3. Form to fill out to fax or email to CBOQ, your investment broker, and CBOQ’s broker – Scotia Mcleod
    Donation of Securities Form November 2020
  4. Sample covering letters to accompany the form listed in #3
    fax to CBOQ and CBOQ broker
    fax to your broker

The financial and tax examples provided in the document listed in #1 above are for illustration purposes and do not constitute investment or tax advice. Please contact your own tax and investment advisors for any tax and investment questions.